Food Parcels:
A parcel is made up of staple food items and then distributed to poor individuals in Jordan.
Housing costs are temporarily covered for those that are absolutely unable to provide for themselves.
Incarcerated Muslims Support:
Under the direction of a trained, experienced Muslim chaplain, foundational Islamic educational materials are provided to incarcerated Muslims in the United States.
Bedding and Blankets:
For the cold winter months, basic rugs and blankets are provided to poor families in Jordan.
Assistance is provided to cover maintenance costs and operational expenses of the Zawiya Abul Hasan Al-Shadhili building in Amman, Jordan in support of its global efforts in education.
Assistance is offered to orphans whose extended families cannot fully provide basic living expenses.
Lote Tree Foundation:
Support is provided for construction and maintenance of the Lote Tree Community Center, an initiative of the Lote Tree Foundation based in Toronto, Canada.
In remote areas of Africa, construction of wells is undertaken to provide access water for all that need it to survive.
Space Heaters:
For the cold winters in Jordan, basic space heaters are provided to needy families.
Masjid Al Bushra:
Support is provided for construction and maintenance costs for Masjid Al Bushra, a center for traditional Islamic education and worship, located in Amman, Jordan.
For the hot summers in Jordan, fans are provided to needy families who cannot afford the means to otherwise cool their places of residence.
Medical Care:
Medical expenses are covered for poor individuals requiring acute medical treatment to save life or limb.
Basic education is provided to needy students.
For the purposes of expiation (fidya), sacrificial offering (qurbani/udhiya), or the blessing of a newborn (‘aqiqa), humanely raised sheep are sacrificed at the request of the donor, with the meat distributed to the poor in Jordan.
On the donor’s behalf, a valid and sound distribution of annual obligatory alms (zakat) is carried out to the poor in Jordan.

More projects forthcoming, insha Allah.